Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Writers are thankful for...

Post five writing or reading related things you are thankful for. Here are mine:

1. God, for giving me this talent. I hope that I use it in the way He wants me to.
2. Terrie Wolf, my incredible agent at AKA Literary who believes in me and my work. I love and adore her.
3. Family, who loves, supports and encourages me in my literary journey.
4. My mind, for the ability to create memorable characters and bring them to life on paper.
5. Tools, my computer and laptop and iPad and all of the other physical things I use to create.

I could think of many more, but now it's your turn.   


  1. Life, love, sanity, family, & my writing journey, all to which have been given to me by God. :)

    Have a great Thanksgiving, Buffy!

  2. i am thankful for the phrase, "But all was not as it seemed..." Joseph Maldonado