Thursday, February 23, 2012

Meet AKA teammate: Christian Piatt

Meet another one of my AKA Literary teammates, represented by Terrie Wolf. 

Name: Christian Piatt (Author, Musician, Antagonist. God Nerd)

Lives in: Pueblo, CO 

Family: wife, Amy; son, Mattias, 8; daughter, Zoe, 3

Writes: Genres - Memoir, Theology. Subjects - Faith, Family, Parenting, Men, Humor

Coming April 1/Preorder today
Day job: I work part time doing audio & video production/editing and public relations to support my writing habit.

Titles of books you've written/sold: Here's a link to all of them: 

Twitter: @christianpiatt

Favorite book: Jon Krakauer's "Into the Wild." I could read that book five times a year. Krakauer has a way of drawing you into the story that is intoxicating. 

Favorite book character: David Sedaris any time he writes about himself. Dude is brilliant.

Book you've learned the most from: Aside from the Bible? I'd have to say Walter Wink's "Jesus and nonviolence: A Third Way." It's a short book, but I reference it more than any other. It totally changed how I look at engaging the world in the context of my faith.

If you could have dinner with any author, who would it be and what would you ask him/her? AJ Jacobs, because he's actually a friend of mine and he makes me laugh my ass off.

What is the best piece of writing advice you ever received: Write every single day, whether you have something to say or not. If you find it hard to do more often than not, you may not be a writer. If the very idea of not writing (whether you are published or not) is inconceivable, then you may actually be a writer.

Finish these sentences:

I wish I… I wish I had enough lives to write down all of the stories and Ideas I have running daily through my head.

If I knew… If I knew years ago how well being a writer paid, I'd have jumped on the gravy train much earlier! (Joke)

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