Sunday, November 1, 2015

Frog picture book joins my growing collection

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I teamed up with a great friend, Sammy Dellinger, to publish ONE FROG. TWO FROGS. THREE FROGS, FOUR.  I'm extremely excited about this book because it showcases Sam's awesome talent.

I wrote this book a long time ago and it's based on a true event that happened when my son, 26, was 3. When I talked to Sam about bringing the text to life, she was all in. Together we finally did it and I couldn't be more proud. 

Here's the skinny: 

“One frog. Two frogs. Three frogs. Four. Tree frogs. Tree frogs. I want more.”

This delightfully illustrated tale tells the story of Sam, who counts down the days until the next grocery store trip. Sam can’t wait to buy plastic tree frogs from the grocery store bubblegum machine and add them to his colorful collection. But after waiting all week, Sam sees something that makes him opt to give his quarters to charity instead.

One frog. Two frogs. Three frogs. Four. I love tree frogs, but I’ll wait to get more.” 

This great read-aloud book is also perfect for the beginner reader, offering a subtle life lesson about kindness and thinking of others in a fun, unobtrusive manner. This perfect addition to home and classroom library also boosts color and counting confidence.


Friday, October 9, 2015

New Author and Friends store items

I added some items to my literary gift shop, Author and Friends. Like me on Facebook and check out other merchandise there. Also, don't forget that I have a ton of really cool T-shirts, mugs and more on my Cafepress store by the same name.   If you are interested in purchasing any of these items, email me at with "Literary gifts" in subject line.

Thursday, August 6, 2015

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Quiz: Match character name with image

I was working on some fun activities for kids to do at an upcoming Bookmobile engagement. I made this interactive quiz. Take it and see how many you guessed correctly.

Saturday, June 13, 2015

Check out my interactive book flyer

Mouse over the books, click on icon to buy or read about the book on Amazon. I also added buttons for my author website, Twitter account, Facebook and Amazon pages.

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Everything has its own season

Every year, I look forward to the fringe tree blooming in our front yard. Its white, fleecy feathers hang from the branches and dance in the wind. Along with the gorgeous pink weeping cherry tree that blooms a few weeks before, it’s one of my favorite spring-flowering trees. The dogwood, saucer magnolia and Bradford pear can’t beat its beauty.
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The other night, a wicked storm rolled into town. The wind whipped, pea-sized hail fell and a torrential downpour soaked the ground. When I walked outside the following morning, the fringe tree was naked, and its soft billowy blooms blanketed the ground. All that beauty gone in a flash, ripped from the branches before I was ready to say goodbye.
As I picked up some soggy blooms and held them in the palm of my hand, tears pooled in my eyes. I was reminded of beauty cut short, of parents and family and friends, tassels torn too soon from the tree of life during one of life’s raging storms.
Why must things die? a young child asks, unable to understand that all life is organized in such a way that it has a limited lifespan.
Flies might live for days, tortoises and whales for hundreds of years and trees for thousands of years. But eventually, they all die. No living thing, no animal or plant, can escape death.
So often in life we witness beauty too short-lived. Why can’t the fringes hang forever? Why do the cherry blossoms fade and fall?
What perhaps we should be asking is, Why didn’t I enjoy the beauty when I had the chance?
It’s human nature, I think, to believe there will always be another day. But sometimes there isn’t. Sometimes wicked weather slams us unexpectedly and we’re caught off-guard, standing in the drenching rain and rising water.