Monday, May 2, 2016

'Our Fragile Hearts' gets 5-star reviews on publication day today!

Today is publication day for Our Fragile Hearts! WOOT!  I am so nervous about reviews, but the first two I received were 5 stars! Here's what the reviewers had to say:

Once again, Buffy Andrews has hit a homerun with Our Fragile Hearts and I just loved it!! It touched my heart in so many ways. The three main characters each have their own personal struggles but collectively they give in ways that help each other through. It is beautifully written and is one that I could not put down until I had read every single word! There is a realization that sometimes in our brokenness we are overpowered by the comfort and strength we find by helping others. And, there are a few “OMG” moments that were total shockers, which is the epitome of a well written book!! I highly recommend this novel, as well as all of Buffy's other books, as each and every one are wonderful and memorable experiences! - Sharon Weed


I absolutely fell in love with Mary and Rachel, and especially little Piper. Mary and Rachel both have survived so much adversity, and kept their heads held high. As a mother, I immediately felt my heart clench when I read Mary's story. Rachel has been through even more, in some ways, because she was raised not knowing who she could depend on. Growing up in foster care is no picnic. Yet, Rachel survived. When she was told that she must raise her sister lest Piper end up in foster care as well, Rachel rises up to the challenge. This story is full of hope and love, and eventual peace. It is one to remember for a long time to come. - Jennifer Muncy

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