Friday, February 25, 2011

From my WIP: Crap I Could Never Make Up

Scanner: Witness describes his mother-in-law as cold but not stiff and he doesn't want to do CPR.

Scanner: Subject advises that he has been drinking alcohol for a week and is shaky.

Overheard in pod: I've been randomly worried that some day you're going to set fire to my office.

Overheard in pod: It sucks to be you.

Overheard in pod: In a room full of men I just got nailed.

Scanner: Intoxicated driver moving 10 mph under speed limit. (Police find driver learning to drive.)


  1. It sucks to be, I'm thinking the '80s. (I got your message. Will respond this weekend.) Keep your chin up, girl.

  2. That first one made me laugh out loud!!