Wednesday, July 20, 2011

A minute list: Hot, hot, hot

It's dang hot here! That can only mean one thing, besides stay inside! It's time for a minute list. You know the drill.  Copy and paste the list in comments and describe each in a word or two, taking no more than a minute to complete the list. Mine is in ()'s. Can't wait to see your lists and stay cool.

Ice (cold)
Sun (hot)
Flowers (thirsty)
Grass (dry)
Pool (above ground)
Ice-cream (mint chocolate chip)
Watermelon (seedless)
Fan (plastic)
Bird bath (crowded)
Skin (sweaty)


  1. Ice water
    sun hot
    flowers colors
    grass dead
    pool swim
    ice-cream cold
    watermelon water
    fan hot
    bird bath steam
    skin glossy

    LOL. This was fun! It is hot here.

  2. Great list Lanita. Thanks for participating. Hope all is well in your world.

  3. ice cream
    sun flower
    flowers bloom
    grass grows
    pool cool
    ice-cream cone
    watermelon slices
    fan club
    bird bath splash
    skin tanned

    couldn't resist your list :)