Sunday, October 16, 2011

Creating beautiful trees

Some days I question whether I’m doing what I’m meant to do. Do you ever feel like this? So sure of what you’re doing one day and not so much the next? I’d say that I’m a pretty confident person, but still.

I’m grateful for the gift God has given me – to be able to create beautiful trees with just a seed of an idea. But even after the tree is standing tall, it is open to the fickleness of the world. Maybe it’s not good enough or strong enough. Heck, maybe I’m the only person who loves it. But, dang it, I can’t give up on my tree. On any of my trees. I must keep believing, keep pushing forward. I must battle the wind and sleet and freezing rain that threatens my resolve.

So today at church, I asked God to give me strength and patience. To guide and direct me. That if writing novels is what I’m meant to do, to send me a sign. I believe in myself. I know that my agent believes in me. And I pray that God believes in me, that I’m using His gift in the way He wants me to.

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