Friday, January 13, 2012

A minute list

So today is Friday the 13th and the wind outside my window sounds like it means business. With this in mind, here's a quick minute list to get your creative juices flowing. You know how this works: I list a word and you provide a word(s) to describe it. Mine will be in ( )'s. Copy the list and add your's in comments. Here we go!

Wind (fierce)
Blade (dull)
Night (dark)
Tree (bending)
Face (masked)
Hand (hairy)
House (two-story)
Neighbor (elderly)
Teeth (stained)
Phone (dead)

To take this writing exercise a bit further, can you incorporate all of the above words into short "story" and not exceed 100 words?


  1. Wind - bitter
    Blade - sharp
    Night - black
    Tree - bare
    Face - shadowed
    Hand - skeletal
    House - haunted
    Neighbor - hood
    Teeth - fangs
    Phone - dead, too, because it's the only thing that goes with the rest!

  2. Great list Marcy! thanks for participating:)