Sunday, April 15, 2012

The Yearbook: Sue

The year was 1982. We danced to Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” album and watched “E.T.” on the silver screen. John Belushi died and Prince William was born. We exercised  to Jane Fonda video tapes and never missed watching “Dynasty” on TV. Gas cost 91 cents a gallon and a stamp two dimes. We were spooked by the Tylenol scare and held our breath as the recession began.
It was a year of promise and pain, of sweetness and sorrow.

But it was OUR year. 

We were the Class of 1982, and we were ready to take on the world.    

Sue (Yearbook post/1982) 

Gina, to my dearest and closest friend.  Always remember the good times we shared. I wish you nothing but the best in everything you do. I know that you will go far. Thanks for being there when I needed someone to understand my problems. I’ll be forever grateful. You helped me throughout high school, and I hope in some way that I helped you. I will always be here if you need me. You can call me anytime, anywhere. Thank you for being there for me and sticking with me even when I pushed you away. I love you, Sue 



Sue and I are still close. She’s the only friend from high school that I've kept in touch with. And that’s mostly because she made the effort long before I started to carry some of the water.

 After high school, Sue got a job as a secretary for an attorney. That’s how she met her husband. He was an attorney, too. Turned out he liked beating women. The only thing good that came out of that marriage was Chloe.

When Sue asked me to be Chloe’s godmother, I was speechless. I love Chloe as if she were mine. I always thought I would have kids. I wanted kids. It just never happened. Just like finding the right guy to spend my life with never happened. I had been close a few times, but there was always something that stopped me from taking that final step. It wasn’t that I was scared, more like unsure that I loved him enough.

So as the years passed my work became my life. And, now that I'm pushing 40 and I know that time is running out, I'm thinking about having the baby I've always wanted -- even if it means doing it alone. I see how Sue and Chloe are and I want that, too. I know it won't be easy being a single mother, but I'm used to things not being easy.

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