Wednesday, December 12, 2012

The power of love

I’ve been thinking a lot about love lately, specifically the power of love. Love saves, overcomes, defeats and endures.  

Time and again in literature we’ve seen the power of love. It’s what saves Harry Potter. It’s the one thing that Voldemort can’t defeat. The one thing his dark mind can't begin to comprehend. 

I was watching “Fringe” the other night (it’s about the only show I watch) and love saved one of the characters. Peter had implanted tech in his brain that improved the logical side but overrode parts of his brain that controlled emotions. He became robotic and was almost lost for good before love saved him.

It was his love for Olivia and her love for him that enabled Peter to reconnect with his emotional side and return to the man he once was.

Do you think love strengthens us or weakens us? 


  1. buffy, i think the kind of love that's talked about in "the love chapter" (I Corinthians 13) definitely makes us stronger. Unfortunately, some of the hormonal infatuations that pass for love often make us do very foolish things! Nice post.

  2. Strengthens us. When you're surrounded by love, you're surrounded by strength. And when love fails you, you often become stronger after the tears subside.