Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Lunchtime observations

I went for a walk over my lunch break. I never stop being a reporter or writer. I notice details others might miss and I wonder why -- a lot.

Sometimes when I walk, I see something and then I try to describe it in my mind. For example, today this is what I saw and how I described it in my mind.

Saw: White buds falling from trees

Described: White silky blossoms fluttered from the tree, carried away by the sweet spring breeze.  

Saw: Tiny green buds on trees

Described: The tiny leaves, snuggled together, reminded me of a butterfly’s wings, waiting to burst open and welcome the world.  

Saw: Pile of bark mulch

Described: The falling pyramid of bark mulch smelled woodsy.

Saw: Dirt and grass flying out of mower

Described: I crossed the street, escaping the debris flying from the mean mower.

Stop what you’re doing right now. Do you see anything to describe. What do you see? Describe it?

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