Monday, December 2, 2013

The Christmas Violin is out today

I'm thrilled that The Christmas Violin is out today. I absolutely loved writing this book. Read about the inspiration behind it. 

Can there ever be an encore to true love?

It used to be that the only woman he could think about was Camilla. When he closed his eyes it was her that he saw. But now, he saw Willow. And it scared him and made him feel guilty. And yet he couldn’t help himself, couldn’t help feeling what he was feeling…

The last thing grief-stricken widower Peter St John expects to find at the cemetery is love. But one evening, as he lays flowers on Camilla’s grave, he is drawn to the haunting melody of a solitary violin player. 
And so he encounters beautiful concert violinist Willow Channing, who has her own grief to contend with. 

A second, chance meeting fuels the fire. And soon Peter knows that as one song ended, another might begin.


5 stars: "One of the advantages of being friends with lots of authors is the occasional opportunity to read ARCs or advanced review copies of soon-to-be-published manuscripts. It’s always fun to read something new and fresh, but it’s especially rewarding when the book is sure to be a winner. Yesterday I read a winner.

The Christmas Violin by Buffy Andrews is the story of three people – Willow, Peter, and a nameless schizophrenic homeless woman – all of whom take a journey from despair to hope. Their journeys begin in separate pits of misery, but their paths converge around a teddy-bear shaped tombstone.

Andrews is a masterful story teller who uses words to paint scenes the reader can see and to create characters the reader comes to regard as friends. If you’re not yet in the holiday spirit, spending an afternoon reading The Christmas Violin is a beautiful way to ignite that spark."


5 stars: My toddler has had trouble napping recently, so I've had to revert back to rocking her to sleep like I did when she was a newborn. It was during this rare moments of quiet that I picked up "The Christmas Violin" -- a sweet little mental snack during an otherwise hectic schedule. 

Andrews tells the story of three weary souls whose lives are interconnected by their visits to a cemetery. Two of the characters are grieving lost loved ones and another a life she was denied -- all help pull each other out of darkness and offer renewed hop about what their lives could be. 

If you love all those Hallmark Channel specials this time of year and you're looking for a quick, uplifting read to whisk you away from the holiday rush while reminding you of what the season is really about, then pick up "The Christmas Violin."


5 Stars: The Christmas Violin surprised me. I read the cover synopsis and thought it would be about a man and woman who fall in love over a shared experience of loss and love of music. I was wrong. This story is so much more than that. Written to follow the format of a beautiful violin concerto, this story teaches us that no matter how dark life can seem, there is always hope. It teaches strength to carry on in the face of loss and gratitude for what we still have despite our loss. Never give up because there is so much in life to live for, and even the smallest seemingly meaningless part of one person's life can have a profound impact on another's.

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