My Fiction


The Yearbook Series 
1st book: Gina and Mike AVAILABLE NOW
A romance series that begins with Gina and Mike, high school sweethearts that reconnect 20 years later when the past catches up and turns their worlds inside out. 

2nd book: Sue and Tom AVAILABLE NOW

3rd book: Tess and Jeremy  AVAILABLE NOW

Consecutive books in series focus on another member of the high school class. 

The Christmas Violin AVAILABLE NOW
Written like a violin concerto in three movements, this novella tells the story of three people who have one thing in common -- the cemetery. It is a beautiful story about love and loss and the enormous power of the human spirit.

It's in the Stars AVAILABLE NOW
Newspaper journalist Sydney Turner Davies is the last person you’d call clueless when it comes to romance. She knows what she wants in a man (if in a little too much detail!) and is everyone’s go-to girl when it comes to relationship advice. So why is she still single? Turning 26 only makes it clearer—it’s time for a change!


A young girl learns to live again when her grandma, who dies, leaves her 365 notes, one for every day of the coming year.
The Moment Keeper AVAILABLE
As a Moment Keeper records the moments of her charge's life, she comes to see how life is a intricate tapestry of which we are threads woven together in ways we have never anticipated or imagined. The charge learns that a second can change a life forever and that it's what we do with the moments that count.


The Lion Awakens AVAILABLE
Two 17-year-olds find information hidden in anonymous gifts that leads them to a parallel universe and an enemy hell-bent on taking over their world.

Planned as a trilogy. 


Freaky Frank AVAILABLE
Humorous middle-grade for boys about a telepathic middle-schooler who battles bullies along with his rag-tag friends. 
High Street Dares/Locket of Doom AVAILABLE
Five middle-schoolers double dared to walk through the cemetery at midnight and perform a spell that will make a particular stone statue cry must solve a mystery involving the statue, an old lady and a shrinking locket before it’s too late. Book ends with a dare setting the next book up in the series.

High Street Dares/Ghostly Connection (second book in series) AVAILABLE
Will, Middle Name Trouble AVAILABLE
12-year-old Will Moran is always getting in trouble. But this time Will, who cleans and cooks and takes care of his younger twin sisters while his mom (a single parent) works, didn’t do what he is accused of doing. Through an eclectic group of friends comes redemption and the true meaning of friendship.