Monday, November 29, 2010

And the note said...

So I was at the YMCA on Saturday when I sat on a bike and found a folded piece of paper tucked in the monitor in front of me. Of course my imagination ran wild as it usually does, trying to guess what the note said. Could it be a suicide note? A treasure map? A grocery list or love poem? Was it left there on purpose for someone to find or just forgotten? Maybe it was a prayer. Or a dream. Or a child’s drawing. The possibilities are endless. What is it about writers that we see the world as a timeless tale, an endless journey of discovery, rich with textures and vibrant colors and infused with energy? I guess it’s just the way we’re wired.
So let’s have some fun with this. Here’s your creative challenge for today. Finish this:
I picked up the note and opened it. It said


  1. Ha,ha! I think Beth is probably right. I can't top that one!

    You are so correct about us seeing story strands in everything! I can imagine a novel starting just the way you describe it above. If it was my story, the note would probably be addressed specifically to you -- even though no one could have possibly known you were going to choose that bike.

  2. Beth, come on girlfriend. You can do better than that. (Smiles)

    Dianne, you read my mind. I totally thought of a novel opening this way.

  3. How about:
    "Help. I don't have much time." And an address.

    (But I still like bike's broken.)