Friday, December 16, 2011

A poem in honor of my birth

I was reorganizing my basement  (Photos here) when I came across this poem my aunt wrote for her sister, my mom, in honor of my birth. Definitely a keeper. I will see Aunt Maddie at the holidays and can't wait to share my find with her. Enjoy!

Here are the words.

Birth of a Child
What has God wrought,
in the birth of this child,
Why a beautiful angel,
beyond a doubt.
Her eyes are blue, her skin so new.
It sparkles as diamonds in morning dew.
The birth of this child is a wondrous thing.
Conceived in love, and delivered to bring,
A home of joy, compassion and grief,
A home where love in never a thief,
But a home where love is considered belief.
Madelyn Shermeyer
July 16, 1962

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