Thursday, November 29, 2012

Twitter Fiction: Brain Invaders begins

Read my Twitter Fiction, Brain Invaders, by:

Following  @Brain_Invaders on Twitter with hashtags #Twitterfiction and #Invaders


bookmark this post. I will curate the tweets via Storify, turn them into a slideshow and embed it here. You can read the tweets in succession, flipping through the slides.

I hope you enjoy it. I would love to hear your feedback. I'm particularly interested in how you consumed the story. Did you read it by following Twitter account? By following the hashtags? By reading it here? Did you read it in one sitting? One chapter at a time? etc.

This middle-grade novel is aimed at kids, ages 8 to 12. I wanted to target a younger audience on this platform to not only introduce them to Twitter (if they aren't already using it) but also to see if I could capture their attention (Competing with all kinds of entertainment tech toys!) and get them reading (too many aren't) in a way these tech-savvy kids might enjoy. Also, I hope to capture the reluctant reader with the plot-driven novel and quick way of consuming it.  

The slideshow (below) will update as the tweets post. The tweets have been scheduled via Hootsuite.


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