Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Minute list: Winter

It's been awhile since we've done a minute list. You know the drill. Copy and paste the list into comments and write an adjective after each word. Mine are in ( )'s. This exercise shouldn't take more than a minute.

Snow (melting)
Tree (naked)
Beanie (pink)
Lips (blue)
Boots (leather)
Soup (thick)
Night (scary)
Gloves (tattered)
Snowman (lopsided)
Road (icy)


  1. Snow - frozen
    Tree - branches
    Beanie - baby
    Lips - kiss
    Boots - cowboy
    Soup - warm
    Night - still
    Gloves - fingerless
    Snowman - Once There Was A Snowman song

  2. Snow -sparkling
    Tree frosted
    Beanie ?
    Lips chapped
    Boots furry
    Soup comforting
    Night blackness
    Gloves (lost
    Snowman children
    Road slippery