Friday, June 27, 2014

Humorous middle grade 'Freaky Frank' is now out

WOOT! It's here. My humorous middle grade Freaky Frank from MuseItUp Publishing can be purchased here.


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In many ways, Frank Fratello is a typical teen. He plays baseball, hangs out with his friends at the mall and gets in trouble at home. But there’s something very different about this sixth-grader—he can read minds. And reading minds can cause problems. Like when Frank says what someone is thinking before they say it. Or answers a question before they ask it. 

Despite being telepathic, Frank must deal with everyday middle school life, which includes battling a bully who hates him. Nasty Nate and his flunkies live to get others in trouble—especially Frank. 

But Frank and his friends aren’t giving up. There has to be some way to bring Nasty Nate down. They just have to find it.

First reviews: 5 Stars

REVIEW: Freaky Frank is a lot of fun to read, and even more fun to read out loud. My daughter and I read it together and we cracked up the whole time. I'm a fan of the anti-bullying message and Frank's authentic sense of humor. This book led to a lot of conversations in our family about whether we would want Frank's ability to read minds. In the end, we decided we like our thoughts, and the thoughts of others, kept silent.

REVIEW: I really enjoyed Freaky Frank. By trade, I am a middle school teacher, so I totally get the H-u-m-o-r with a capital H. Freaky Frank touches upon different personal and social issues that come up in a kid’s daily life, but with the added twist of mind reading to further complicate things. Freaky Frank takes a humorous look at these issues, and the names of the characters involved, along with all the body humor, give the story added appeal. This is a fun book

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