Tuesday, June 10, 2014

The Yearbook Series: Tess and Jeremy now available

It's finally here! Book 3 of The Yearbook Series: Tess and Jeremy. Here's the skinny: 

Falling in love was easy for Jeremy and Tess…But that was college. 

Now, they have everything they could’ve hoped for then. Jeremy has a successful dental practice and Tess stays home with the kids. Life seems perfect, but their marriage is falling apart. 

The kids are getting older and Tess misses her pre-mommy self—most importantly having a career she loves. Jeremy's refusal to support Tess widens the divide between them. 

But Tess has a secret plan. If it works, she might get the career she wants and find the husband she once knew.

First review: 5 STARS

listen"In a lot of ways, Tess and Jeremy's story is my favorite among Buffy Andrews' The Yearbook Series. I felt the relationship was authentic. So many couples I know become stuck as attention goes from raising small children to each other. Tess feels isolated now that the children are in grade school and her role as mommy is less on-demand. But Jeremy, a dentist, is content with how things are now, and takes too much pleasure in the provider role to actually provide Tess with what she wants and needs. This, of course, deadens the spark between these college sweethearts. Can the spark that brought them together be kindled again? Or is Jeremy too set in his ways and Tess too bitter? You've got to read to find out!"

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  1. Once you begin reading Tess & Jeremy it is impossible to stop-only time I stopped was to prepare/eat dinner, if not for my spouse having to eat I would not have prepared nor eaten dinner. Read this on my Kindle and am now waiting for the actual book to be available.
    Again, great writing niece-love you.