Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Thought for the day No. 3

When my sons were young, I’d sing made-up songs to them. Well, it wasn’t really singing, more like squeaking and squawking. But I tried. I really tried. I remember this one song, perhaps because it plucked my heartstrings. The chorus went something like this: My, how times flies, how it really, really flies. My little babe is now a little boy. As they grew, “boy” became “young man.” I don’t sing that song anymore, but sometimes I want to. Sometimes, I wish I could cuddle them in the rocker, their head against my heart, and softly sing that sweet song. But they’re 20 and 16 now, much too old to sit on my lap and rock away the hours just because.
Time really does fly and before you know it the little hand you held is the big hand helping you.
Don’t wish away todays for tomorrows. Todays fade fast enough.

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  1. You can still have those momments with your boys. My 13 year old doesn't like any public attention, but hugs me goodnight. A week ago I made her help me hang pictures, while we were hammering nails we started singing "If I Had a Hammer." It was so much fun. I think you just have to work harder to make those special momments.