Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Beginnings and endings

I love beginnings and endings, especially when it comes to food. I could live on appetizers and desserts. So I’m planning a dinner party and I totally knew what the appetizers and desserts would be. But I was stumped on the middle. I ended up taking the easy way out and ordering party trays from Olive Garden (Chicken Marsala and Chicken Parmesan). But this got me thinking about writing. How for me the beginnings are easy and the endings are easy but the middles can be difficult. The ability to keep the middle moving via plot points etc. without allowing it to get weighed down is a challenge.
How about sharing a beginning and an ending of one of your stories? If you don’t have an ending yet, share the beginning. Let’s limit it to NO MORE than 100 words. Together, we can provide a feast of beginnings and endings for all to enjoy. Ask yourself if the beginning and ending make you want to read more. I’ll start.

From the Brain Invaders
The man shook violently. His eyes rolled in their sockets and his body went limp and thudded to the floor. His tongue hung out of his mouth. It looked like it was growing.
I rubbed my eyes. His tongue was growing. It was getting longer and longer. No; not his tongue. It was something else. Some kind of creature. Oh gross! It slithered out of his mouth. It looked like a snake, but different. Maybe an eel.

I was the last one out the door. Before I turned off the lights and closed the door, I glanced back over the room one last time. I can’t be sure, it may have been just a shadow, but I could have sworn I saw something black slither across the floor and into a vent.
Just as I turned around to face the others we heard a motorcycle revving loudly in the distance. And then it was gone.

Now your turn. Can't wait to read all of your beginnings and endings.

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