Sunday, December 5, 2010

The Christmas stocking

On Christmas morning, I always saved my stocking for last. It was so much fun opening the wrapped gifts stuffed inside. There were some items I could count on seeing every year – like a Lifesavers Christmas Sweet Storybook and clear toy pops. And while I would have been disappointed had these items not been included, I always looked forward to seeing the cool things that my parents had bought.
One year, I wanted a pink Lindy Star Ring. I had opened all of my gifts and didn’t find the ring. I tried not to show my disappointment as I unwrapped the gifts in my stocking. I pulled out the last gift, stuck in the sock’s toe, and burst into tears. It was the Lindy Star Ring! I had gotten it after all.
I still have that ring and it is a reminder of all of the wonderful Christmases I was blessed to have with my parents. They died much too young (dad 58 and mom 61).
Like my parents, there are certain things I buy every year for my sons’ stockings, and I take special care in finding unexpected treasures to include. I think my sons would tell you that opening their stockings is the highlight of the morning. I continue to be amazed by how something so little can mean so much.
So, what’s the best thing you ever found in your stocking?


  1. When I just had 2 kids, the stocking stuffing was a big event. I'd save all of the coolest McDonalds and Wendy's toys for the entire year (you know the little toys that came with the meals) and put those and all the candy the kids loved in their stockings. Now, I just search for nick-nacks at the dollar store. I love playing Santa.

  2. I agree. I love filling the stockings for my daughter, my husband, and my in-laws.

  3. I think my favorite stocking stuffer was a laser pointer.. this was back when they were super popular. Now that I'm a mom, sometimes I get more excited about the stocking gifts i get my daughter, than the actual presents. :)