Friday, December 17, 2010

Quote of the day

"Some editors will “get” what you write; others won’t. The key is to have patience to learn from the criticisms of the former, the strength to ignore the indifference of the latter, and the wisdom (and great luck) to know the difference between the two." --BRUCE FEIRSTEIN


  1. Another brilliant quotation and once again (as if by magic) it has a personal connection for me this week.

  2. Thanks Sheri and Dianne. And Dianne, maybe I could be like those radio DJs that play those sappy love songs etc. They always seem to find the right song for the right moment. I could find the right quote for the right moment. (Laughs) Anyway, hang in there. I'm feeling a bit down, too, as of late. And you know that's so unlike me. But sometimes it just gets to you, ya know? You work so hard and just seem to go no where. But we need to be there for each other, encouraging each other and supporting each other. Look what all you've done. Don't be so hard on yourself. Be proud of everything you've accomplished. Have a super day girlfriends.

  3. Great post. And yes, I know about getting down sometimes. But you're right, we need to support each other through those hard times. Hang in there.