Monday, December 6, 2010

A minute list

We haven't done a minute list in some time. So, here goes. You peeps know the rules. You copy and paste the list into comments and describe each item using only one word. Mine are in ( )’s. Shouldn't take more than a minute. Have fun.

Bell (rusty)
Fireplace (flickering)
Tree (fresh)
Cookies (moist)
Ornament (hand-painted)
Eggnog (watery)
Beard (itchy)
Hymn (joyful)
Manger (peaceful)
Star (North)


  1. I love your lists, Buffy :) Here's mine:
    Bell - ring
    Fireplace - blazing
    Tree - house
    Cookies - peanutbutter
    Ornament - sparkly
    Eggnog - spiked
    Beard - red (?)
    Hymn - sing
    Manger - lamb
    Star - bright

  2. Yippee, Marcy! So glad someone took up the challenge. I had some awesome spiked eggnog at the club the other night. It was totally delish. First time I had it. Great list. Seriously, thanks for stopping by.