Sunday, November 13, 2011

Use you talents

Have you ever sat in church and felt like the sermon was directed at you? Today was one of those days. Kind of made me itch, ya know? The Gospel was from Matthew 25: 14-30. It was the parable of talents.

You know the story -- the one about the tragedy of wasted opportunity. So a rich man is going away and before he does, he meets with his slaves. He gives one dude five talents, another two and another one. The first two dudes use their talents and double them. The third dude buries his talent in a hole. When the rich man returns and checks in to see how his slaves have done with the talents he has given them, he praises the two slaves who doubled their talents. But, as you can imagine, the master's not too happy with the third slave who was lazy and did nothing with his.

So here's how I see it. God has given each of us talents. Maybe you can write or sing or paint. Maybe you're a good listener or teacher. Heck, maybe you can run a mean mile or solve Suduko puzzles in record time. Whatever your talents might be, you should use them, not bury them. 

I've met people who say, "I can't do that." It's often not that they can't do it, it's that they're too afraid to try. Everything we have God has given us. He expects us to use our talents. He wants us to use our talents. He doesn't want us to be like the third slave who dug a hole and buried his talent and did nothing with it.

So why am I sharing this with you today? I was having a little pity party in the pew before church began today. You know the moment -- one of those why-do-I-even-bother-to-write-if-no-one-is-going-to-read-it moments. An if-I-had-any-talent-my-agent-would-be-able-to-sell-my-work moment.

And then it happened. I swear I didn't know what the sermon was about today. But then the pastor spoke, and he talked about talents and that's when it clicked. I haven't buried my talent. I'm using my talent (at least the talent I think I have) to the best of my ability. Dang, I'm trying to double it. And, that's all I can do. The rest is out of my hands.

So here's what I want to say to you. If you're a writer and you're struggling and doubting, don't give up. If you're not a writer and you're reading this blog, whatever your talent is, don't give up. Don't ever get frustrated and bury your talents. And don't be afraid to try.

You've been given a gift by God to use. Use your talent or talents that you've been given. And remember, no talent is too small.

God bless each of you this Sunday and I hope you have an awesome week.

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  1. I couldn't agree more Buffy. It's wonderful how God sends us little reminders of how special and unique we are to Him and that coupled with the fact God equipped us to use those special talents. If only we would just believe in ourselves. Imagine what we could do for our world and the Kingdom.

  2. Nice post, buffy. I wrote a post a few weeks ago called "When Did You Know You Wanted to Be a Writer?" I've always been afraid to write, at least anything that might leave me open for any kind of criticism. But when the need to write (or the prompting from God to use what He had given me) became stronger than the fear, I hit the keyboard. Thanks for the encouragement and the reminder to keep at it.

  3. I look at my writing life this way, Buffy. If I can help someone to be a better writer or introduce someone to an agent I know (virtually) or bring a little bit of a smile to someone via my blog posts, I've done something that will make God happy. If I ever get a book deal it will make me happy. Connecting with people and being there for them when they need someone is why God directed me to start a blog. I didn't realize it at first....but then I met Lenny and I knew why I was sent to blogland.

  4. Our talents define who we are. Without them we are nothing but shells. With the development of one comes another. They are great responsibilities! This life is all about becoming the best you can and our talents help us become who our Heavenly Father wants us to be. When we give up, we fail. It's that simple. We let others down. You never know who you will touch because of your gift.

    Wonderful post, Buffy!

  5. Thank you all for taking the time to comment. I really appreciate your visit today:) Have a marvelous Monday!