Sunday, February 26, 2012

Your wilderness story

I sat in church and listened to Pastor Greg’s sermon today about Jesus going into the wilderness for forty days (Mark 1:9-15).  He said that we all have our wilderness stories, times in our lives when things didn’t go right, times when we’ve endured pain and suffering.
“Some of you might be in the wilderness now,” he said. “Jesus went into the wilderness as a carpenter’s son and came out the Messiah.”
 He told us to find meaning in our wilderness, to find glimmers of grace. That even though we feel alone, God has been with us the whole time. 
"The person who comes out of that wilderness experience is different and better than the person who went in," he said. "Go into that wilderness and find God."
It's not always easy finding meaning in bad things. Mostly I get pissed off. I mean, what's good about a loved one dying of cancer or a toddler drowning in a backyard pool? But I have to agree with Pastor Greg that every wilderness experience has led to a new and improved me. I've felt closer to God every time and more determined that, while I might not understand the life he has planned for me, I'm going to live it the best way I know how. 
I hope that if you are in a wilderness experience, that you stay strong and remember that God is with you always. God bless....

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  1. Good thoughts, Buffy. Sometimes we can't find meaning in bad things, so we have to give the meaning by the way we react. One of the reasons I write about Mom's Alzheimer's and Dad's dementia is to try and encourage or inspire someone who is going through the same thing, it gives meaning and value to an otherwise senseless experience. Thanks for sharing.