Thursday, September 6, 2012

Tooth Fairy spurs money talk

According to a survey by Visa, the Tooth Fairy, on average, leaves $3 per tooth — up 15 percent over last year.

Upon hearing this report, discussion erupted in the newsroom. Journalists talked about what they got when they were kids or, if they were parents, how much they gave their kids.

There were a couple of gems that I heard and mentally filed away for use in a middle grade novel.

Eileen said when she was a kid, she got 25 cents for a tooth. Her friend received a dollar. So Eileen, convinced that her friend got more because her friend's tooth was shinier, spent the whole day buffing her tooth. The next morning when she peeked under her pillow hoping for a dollar, she saw only a quarter. (Poor kid)

Then Eileen proceeded to tell us about the time she swallowed her tooth and, despite having no "evidence" for the Tooth Fairy,  still got a quarter. So, it kind of made up for her parents being cheapskates, at least temporarily.

Do you have a Tooth Fairy story? How much did you get? Give? 


  1. We have had many traumas around the tooth fairy at our house. Teeth have been swallowed, dropped down the drain, and knocked out in the street, never to be found. The tooth fairy has even "been to busy to visit" (i.e. mom fell asleep before tucking money under pillow).

    We go with a dollar.

    Although my neighbor once only had a $20 in the house the day a tooth fell out, and she started a very dangerous tradition. I think her son started yanking teeth out with pliers before they got it all under control. :)

  2. Heather, yanking the teeth out as a way to make money -- priceless!