Monday, May 27, 2013

I wish I could undo certain things

There are some things that I’m just not cut out to do. Take gardening, for example. I stink at gardening. Today, I trimmed my swirl topiary. It looks terrible. Not only are the swirls gone but the dang thing resembles a male body part. Ugh! I so can’t wait until it grows. It looks so bad I considered covering it with a sheet, but decided that would draw even more attention. (And, no, I’m not about to post a photo of it here!)

The trimming started off fine, but the more I tried to shape the swirls the worse it got. I wish trimming was like revising a novel. If you screw up, you can just start again or use the back arrow or whatever. There’s no undo when it comes to trimming. You can’t paste the parts back together. Even a sculptor can take his lump of clay and if he doesn’t like what he made he can mash the clay together and start again. But trimming is unforgiving.  And I hope the passers-by are, too.

What are some other things that you can’t “undo” in life?

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