Tuesday, August 20, 2013

A sign from God and another book contract

Funny thing happened yesterday. I'd been praying that "The Lion Awakens" find the right home. I signed the contract with Prism Book Group and sent it on Saturday, hoping that I had made the right decision for the work. Other publishers were interested and I pulled it, feeling as though God was leading me in this direction.

Anyway, I went to church on Sunday and there was special music. A soloist sang Brad Paisely's song, "When I Get Where I'm Going." And when I heard the lyrics, I knew it was God telling me I had made the right choice: "I'm gonna land beside a lion and run my fingers through his mane."

It gave me chill bumps because I had been praying that God send me a sign that I had made the right choice with this book. It's a YA and full of religious imagery. When I heard the song and those words it honestly brought tears to my eyes. Wow.

God is great.

As of now, it looks like "The Yearbook Series Book 1" (Limitless Publishing) will be out in September, "The Moment Keeper" (UK Carina) on Nov. 1 and "The Christmas Violin" (UK Carina) on Dec. 2. I will keep you up to date if these dates change.

Here's the skinny on "The Lion Awakens"

The Lion Awakens 

Two 17-year-olds find information hidden in anonymous gifts that leads them to a parallel universe and an enemy hell-bent on taking over their world.

Also, read about the other two contracts I signed for "The Yearbook Series," "The Moment Keeper" and "The Christmas Violin."

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  1. I love it when God does that for us! He speaks personally in a variety of ways. Great news and thanks for sharing.