Thursday, August 1, 2013

Meet Katie Lee and check out her 'What Endures'

I'm super excited to share Katie Lee's new novel, "What Endures." I had the pleasure of reading an ARC of Katie's book and loved it. You will, too. 

I asked Katie if I could feature her on my blog today, which just happens to be the launch date for "What Endures." Here's the skinny on Katie and her book. Be sure to buy it and read it. You won't be sorry.

Author: Katie Lee

Lives in: Maryland

Day job: I was an attorney (technically I still am) but I don't currently practice law in my government job

Book title: "What Endures"

Summary:   Jason Kincaid is young, hot and successful.
An All-Star outfielder for the Seattle Mariners, he finally had everything he ever wanted, including a second chance with his high school sweetheart, Megan Williams.

But their hopes for a ‘happily-ever-after’ are dashed by tragedy.

A horrific car accident wipes out most of Jason's memories. Unable to recall anything from the last fifteen years of his life, Jason is suddenly adrift, his once charmed life now in ruins.

Megan finds herself in the untenable position of having to deal with the fact that the man she’s helping to rebuild his life may look, and even act, like her beloved fiancĂ©, but in reality, isn’t any longer.

Trying to protect herself, as well as Jason, Megan fights the attraction between them. . .to no avail. As their potent connection inevitably draws them closer, Megan wonders,

With the memories of their relationship gone, can love endure?

Release date: August 1, 2013.

To buy:  Paperback and Kindle ebook

Twitter:  @KatieLeeAuthor

Inspiration behind the book: I was watching a program on Alzheimer's and remember being so moved by stories about how even as one partner was losing his/her grasp on reality and their memories, that connection between the two remained. I thought, "Hmm. . .what would it be like if the couple was young and one had amnesia?"

When/where do you write: Either on my desktop in my home office or in bed on my laptop. As for when I write - whenever I have some spare time!

What author would you like to have dinner with: Stephen King. I don't read his stuff (too freaky/scary) but in all his interviews, he seems like this really great, funny guy who's really a writer's writer - meaning he really supports other writers, especially the up-and-comers. I think dinner with him would be a blast - and I'd learn a lot!

Five things that are on your bucket list:

Not in order of importance -

(1) Go to Hawaii
(2) Go to Greece
(3) Learn to scuba dive
(4) Sky-dive
(5) Live in the South of France for a summer/winter

Coffee or tea?: Tea (with cream!)

Chips or chocolate?: Chocolate of course!

Ebook or physical book?: This is like asking me if I like this child better than that child. I just love books. Ebooks are easier to trot around though. I've been carrying like 50 books with me since I got a Kindle Fire and that's pretty cool.

What is one thing about you that would surprise your readers? I'm actually very logical and rational in my day-to-day life. I like to think things through and plan, plan, plan. And that's not necessarily a romantic trait!

What do you like most about writing?

I love crafting new worlds. They're not fantastical worlds like the ones in Harry Potter, but I like giving my characters careers and family members. I like giving them back stories, like how they got where they did when we meet them. This is often a huge challenge but I love it because it makes the characters and story more real for me - and hopefully my readers.

Mostly, I just like going on that journey. When I start a story I obviously know how it's going to end, but in every single one of my stories, as I write, I'm often surprised by how I get to that ending, the little turns and adjustments I have to make to stay true to the characters and their story. 

Thank you, Katie, for an awesome interview. And I can't wait to see all of the success I know this book with bring you. 


  1. Thank you for featuring me on your blog Buffy! I am honored to call you a friend! :)

  2. Great interview! Katie is an amazing little lady with an amazing talent! I just love her book :)