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The Yearbook Series: Gina and Mike reviews

First book in The Yearbook Series now available

Some reviews of The Yearbook Series: Gina and Mike:

"Wonderfully relatable characters who's lives are forever altered by the choice of silence. A story of friendship, love and redemption, this book will grab you from the beginning and leave you wanting more. I can't wait to read more from this author!"


"I loved this book! After tragedies and heartache, Gina and Mike try to rekindle their love after 20 years apart. The highs and lows keep you reading and anxious to see what's next. Great story!"


"What an amazing and wonderful novel! Be prepared to experience a plethora of feelings as Buffy Andrews grips your heart within the first few pages. You will become intensely drawn into the lives of Gina and Mike and experience their lives through their points of view. It really is an amazing perspective to be in the mind of each character and feel what they feel, see what they see. The book is riveting and engaging as vivid memories of high-school and first love spill off the pages and into your soul. You will quickly turn the pages in anticipation as their journey unfolds.
It is an experience that you will feel a part of and it will leave a tremendous lasting impression. I loved it!"


"I had the pleasure of getting a sneak peek into Gina and Mike's story as Buffy wrote it. I love how she wove the story together. The characters are believable and poignant. They make tough decisions, grapple with regret and try to make the most of their situations. And, as someone happily married to my high school sweetheart, I love how it shows first loves can last a lifetime."


What a lovely story about life and great loves.

Gina and Mike were the golden couple of their high school. He was a star baseball player and she was a cheerleader. They are madly in love and looking ahead to graduation and all that life had to offer them.

Unfortunately what life had to offer was a brutal attack on Gina which sent her reeling, and as a result, her relationship with Mike began to unravel.

Twenty years later and they reconnect at their high school reunion, where old feelings resurface.

This is a great story about the vagaries of life, but also about the redemptive and healing power of love.

If you love a romance about second chances, with characters that will break your heart only to put it back together again. . .pick up a copy of "Gina and Mike" from the Yearbook Series.


This book made me feel like I was back in high school re-living my youth through the characters. I would recommend this book to my friends.

This was so awesome. Can't wait for the rest of the series to come out. It took me back to my high school years. The characters were very real.

I look forward to each new book in this series. What a clever idea to take a year book and form stories around students and what happened to them and who they became. Buffy Andrews's works are worth taking a look at! What a great storyteller! I can't help but wish I would have thought of her idea. :)
I'm a Buffy fan!

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