Sunday, September 8, 2013

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Obituaries are fascinating. We learn so much about the people who have passed away – not just what they did, but who they were. Their passions and hobbies, likes (and sometimes dislikes) triumphs, joys and even sorrows. Their names and faces leap off the page and they become so much more than ink on paper. They become people. Real people, who lived and loved and died. As an author, obituaries provide a wealth of story material. 
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  1. Comment regarding Freaky Frank-the most important part of this book is having to deal with a bully. There is a lesson to be learned for anyone reading Freaky Frank-including children in elementary schools, perhaps third grade through at least sixth grade. Most schools now have programs on bullying and how to deal with this issue but having Freaky Frank read by children is most important. Buff never fails to keep one spellbound-in writing this book and her latest Will (middle name)Trouble are basically 'teaching tools'. I'm so impressed with her writing, perhaps a side-line she could be a teacher since she relates so well to an age group that needs all the help they can get.