Sunday, September 22, 2013

This review put a smile on my face

Latest review for The Yearbook Series: Gina and Mike 

When I picked up Gina and Mike, read the reviews I thought to myself "oh no, another sappy story, surely the reviews were over the top and *I* was not going to go running for tissues." To my amazement, the author has taught me a lesson in humility, because by chapter 6 I was a blubbering mess and found myself wiping the tears I was bound and determined not to let fall. I give huge kudos to this author for having the courage and will to write about such a complex topic. Making the characters come to life on page and making them all relatable in some way. For making us, the reader, feel the emotions, the anger, the hurt, the loneliness of these characters was brilliant. I was in despair at one point of not knowing if these characters would find their HEA. I will leave it to the new readers to find out. Well done!

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