Friday, November 1, 2013

The Moment Keeper reviews

Couldn't wait to share the first reviews for The Moment Keeper.

REVIEW: I completely fell in love with the book's main characters, starting with Sarah, the Moment Keeper for Olivia. The concept of each of us having a Keeper of the moments of our lives is intriguing. Who is our Moment Keeper and why are we chosen for each other? You'll see as the story unfolds that even the Moment Keepers themselves don't quite understand why they were chosen until the exact moment they are meant to. Both Sarah and Olivia, with their differing lives, have a great deal of life insight to offer us. Their stories are intense, emotional, upsetting, and wonderful at different times. I can identify with both main characters, as well as others, such as Olivia's mom. If you are interested in a book that really makes you think about life and its many questions, you may very well adore this lovely story about Olivia and her Moment Keeper, Sarah.

REVIEW: I love the concept behind Andrews' novel: That each of us has a moment keeper, a spirit responsible for keeping track of every moment in our lives, even--or perhaps, especially--those moments that seem small at the time but evolve into life-changing memories. Andrews wove this concept into a beautiful story, one that touched my heart and will stay with me forever. I recommend this book to anyone who has questioned faith and fate (so basically everyone). You will fall in love with and root for these characters.

REVIEW: The Moment Keeper is a story of two girls' journey into adulthood, and how the choices they make influence their lives. The book tells the story of Olivia and her moment keeper Sarah, whose own life was cut tragically short. The characters are so relatable, it's easy to recall those junctions where a decision changed your life. THe Moment Keeper is about love, loss, relationships, and how they influence our lives. Share this book with your daughter, your mother, and the other women in your life.

REVIEW: I was instantly captivated by this story and its premise of a moment keeper that stays alongside you, recording and tracking every moment of your life. Sarah is Olivia's moment keeper and the contrast between the character's circumstances could not be more pronounced. Despite this, Sarah lovingly looks on as Olivia experiences moments from her first steps to her first kiss and unfailingly records each moment.

This story will stick with you long after you've read the last word. Andrews has managed to craft characters that are unique yet familiar, it is impossible not to fall in love with and root for both of them. The girls are brought together through a terrible tragedy and as Olivia's moment keeper, we see Sarah continue to evolve and grow into the woman she would have become.

This story is haunting and leaves you thinking about each moment of your life and how it may intertwine with that of another.

REVIEW: This book was heart wrenching, I cried through literally half of it. The author wrote in such a way you can put yourself in Sarah's position, feel her pain even from when she was a very small child and Matt didn't care for her, right up until she was left by the man she loved, alone and pregnant...Then finally dead.

Lately, I've avoided major tear jerkers but I am SO glad I read this book, it restored my faith in the authors ability to write a brilliant book. So many little things happened in this book that you simply wouldn't have foreseen or expected in any way like the relationship between Sarah - Moment keeper and Olivia. My mouth literally dropped open, before a little more renewed sobbing. Strangely enough, I found this book therapeutic, Olivia's story was one of loss and hope - of real life happiness. While Sarahs was one of loss, desperation and pain, it was a perfect blend; enough to make a person emotional, to have them empathize but not over dramatic enough to have me sat there saying, "Uhhhh for fucks sake." 

I thought the ending of the epilogue was perfect. Absolutely perfect. I cried all over again, but this time I cried with a big sad smile on my face. I hope they meet again when they no longer have to be moment keepers anymore.

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