Friday, November 8, 2013

WOW! Read this Moment Keeper review

Check out the latest review for The Moment Keeper.

A tragic end...a new beginning... The Moment Keeper touched my heart, bring back a flood of "moments" from my own life.

Sarah, growing up feeling alone and abandoned, on the outside edges of life, now having to chose between starting over, or dropping out of the race, decides she would rather die than face the future alone.

Olivia, so wanted, so loved, and so a life that Sarah could only dream about, finds herself facing the same challenges that drove Sarah to the end of her life.

The story that ties these two lives together is shared with us by "The Moment Keeper". Sarah's life ends...Oliva's life begins. All of the hopes and dreams of these two extremely different girls are shared with the reader in such a unique way, that you are drawn into the story...The reader feels as though they know both of these young ladies personally. I know that that silly old line "I laughed, I cried" has become a punchline for jokes, but in this case, well...I laughed and I cried. I loved the concept of Moment Keepers, and I hope that one day I will be chosen as a Moment Keeper, too. This story of love, life, tragedy and hope, shared with the reader by The Moment Keeper is sad, beautiful, complex, and completely believable.

The real tragedy here is that this book is only available as an e-book. As the owner of a bookstore, there are literally thousands of people that I would love to share Sarah and Olivia's beautiful story with, but alas, bookstore customers are not fond of electronic readers.
To the e-reading public I offer this advice: Download this novel. Read anything that you can find by Buffy Andrews. You will not be disappointed!

To the publishers, I offer this advice: Publish everything ever written by Buffy Andrews in paperback format. You are missing a huge chunk of the reading public by keeping her tethered to electronic publishing. I would love to be recommending her books to my customers...but....

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