Tuesday, November 12, 2013

This review made my day

This review for "The Moment Keeper" made my day. Thank you to all of my readers. I am truly blessed. 

REVIEW: I love Buffy Andrews' writing! Once again she has written a story that will pull you in from the minute you start reading! Andrews' imagination and creativity are truly amazing. The premise behind the story made me wonder if Moment Keepers do in fact exist. I loved the main characters Sarah and Olivia. At times it was so heart-breaking to see how unfair life can be sometimes. You are drawn in and feel such a part of each of their lives. There is such a powerful message about life, love and unanswered questions, the ending was phenomenal. I wish this book was available in print! I am not fond of reading electronically and would love to have a copy to keep and re-read many times over, wearing the pages thin! I give this book and A++

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