Friday, March 28, 2014

The Lion Awakens is on shelves!

The Lion Awakens is now available

I'm super happy to announce that "The Lion Awakens" has been published. *Happy Dance*

Here's the blurb

Two worlds, two teens, two destinies... 

For thirteen years, Annie Lange and David McClure believed their parents were killed in fiery car crashes. They learn the truth about the past when they find hidden messages in anonymous gifts left on their front porches. The notes lead them to a mentor who helps them discover and master their special powers, powers they will need if they have any chance of saving their world from the tyrant Goliath. 

When the lion awakens, their world is forever changed...

And here's the first review: 

Buffy Andrews has done it again! “The Lion Awakens” is adventurous, mysterious, surreal, intriguing and perfectly crafted. Not to mention, the story line is unique and compelling! As with all of her books, Ms. Andrews drags you into the story within the first few pages and keeps you there until the very end. You will want to know how, who and why, and won’t stop reading until all of the questions are answered. Nothing is predictable, and your imagination will run wild with anticipation. I highly recommend this book, and guarantee you will love it! - Sharon Kirchoff

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