Monday, November 16, 2009

Check out this contest

Wander over to Buried in the Slush Pile and check out this one page summary contest. And good luck to all who enter.


  1. Thanks, Buffy....Did you see my announcement?

  2. Great news Sharon. You can read my comment on your blog. You should definity do this contest if you have a ms ready to go. Best of luck to you. (Cheers)

  3. Thanks Buffy. My YA and MG aren't even close to being ready yet. MY begining chapter book isn't quite there yet. One of my writing buddies read it and suggested I add a bit to make the main character more likeable. I'm sure there will be other contests, but thanks for thinking of me. If you hear of any PB contests, I'd loe to know about them. Thanks!