Friday, November 6, 2009

Some moments last forever

Wendy sat on the pew, her husband’s coffin a few feet away. She was dying, not of a broken heart or colon cancer like Brad, but from lung cancer. With her sons by her side, she sat as bravely as she could, battling the pain in her purple-reddish leg, which was now the size of an elephant’s. If the blood clot in the leg traveled through the bloodstream to her lungs or heart, she could die. 
    Right then. 
    Right there – in the church filled with family and friends.
    Sobs filled the cavernous sanctuary. Whispers hung in the air:
    Poor soul.
    He was so young. 
    Pity her and the boys.
    So unfair.
    In less than two months, Wendy was gone.
    Strange how some moments last a lifetime. 
    Do you have any moments like this?

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  1. Death is an all encumbacing thing it weighs heavy on the heart for years (maybe forever). It is hard to cope with. Three years ago, on January 2nd, a friend of mine died in a house fire. She was 29, full of energy and a loving teacher and friend. I keep her picture in my office. I think if someone matters to you, you'll always miss them. Eventually, you won't think about them every single momment. You'll be able to smile when you think of them. When I think of Natalie, I think of her love for the people knew, her zest for life and her smile.

    Email me if you need to talk...