Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Some of my writing tweets

Here are some of the tweets I've posted on Twitter about writing. If you don't follow me on Twitter, please do @Buffy_Andrews. Hope you enjoy these.

· Writing is that thing we do that keeps us sane.
· I wonder if in Heaven everyone will love what I write. Because, well, down here I'm not having too much luck.
· Cutting manuscript is like pulling your hair out. Man it hurts.
· Writing is literary magic that turns ideas and thoughts and characters into something tangible.
· Writing is that thing that gives us peace.
· Writing allows me to be someone I'm not.
· When I write, I dream.
· Revising reminds us that our writing can always be better. Strive for the best.
· Writers must be the biggest believers.
· Me to characters: talk to me people.
· Writing is like opening an unexpected gift. It surprises us and makes us smile. I love unexpected gifts
· Sometimes the writing just comes and we're like, oh yeah. Gotta love when that happens.
· Writing can be agony and joy and every emotion in between.
· Revising is like surgery. Cut. Cut. Snip. Snip. Cut. Snip. Cut. OUCH! All better.
· I am so over you, Rejection. You can't get to me like that anymore. I won't let you squash my hopes and dreams. (Slams door) So there!
· Why is writing sometimes like trying to get gum out of your hair? Ouch! It's a mess & hurts. Sometimes you just have to cut it out. So there.
· Writing is like making rich delicious chocolate for our minds to savor and enjoy.
· Writing is like wallpapering. You work to get it up and looking perfect, hope it sticks and that others enjoy it.
· Writing is like peeling an orange. You pick away at the shell until you get to the delicious fruit inside. And then enjoy it.
· Writing is like opening a treasure chest -- you never know what you will find.
· Writing that inspires us is like getting candy as a kid - a delightful treat:)
· I'm in love with writing, but sometimes I swear it hates me. Doesn't want to cooperate. Can be stubborn and downright nasty. Listen up, U!
· Good editors are priceless.
· Writing is the key that unlocks the stories battling in our brains to get out.
· If I write as well as I golf, I'm in trouble!
· Writing is our medicine. It makes us feel better.
· Writing is like eating dessert -- you can never get enough of it.
· Writing sweetens our day and makes life so much richer.
· Writing is a mental massage that soothes our soul in ways nothing else ever could.
· Writing is as natural and essential as breathing.
· Never thought I'd write "fart" in a middle-grade query letter, or "pimple" for that matter. But what the heck. This book is fun.


  1. You must be a good tweeter...I'm not so good at it. I have an account, but haven't figured out the benefit of reading other people's tweets. What do you think the benefits are? I read blogs to learn about other writers, about agents and the industry.

    Do you know how to make a classroom of kids laugh? Say underware....It's not a joke, it really works.

  2. Hi Sharon, there are a lot of benefits. I follow agents and writers and editors etc. (Plus a ton of other people). But sometimes an agent will tweet about what they are looking for specifically ie. Humorous boy middle grade. Or tell you that they are open to submissions for a short time. There is a lot of information via Twitter. There are also kidlitchats and YAlitchats and such that are held weekly that are a lot of fun to participate in. But basically Twitter allows you to connect with people who have similar interests etc. Give it another try and let me know how it works out for you.