Friday, July 9, 2010

Imagination runs wild

OK. So. I was running last night when it occurred to me that I could drop over dead (it was extremely hot) and no one would know who I was. I don’t wear any identification. And then I thought about my poor kids and hubby who wouldn’t know I dropped over dead and might think I ran away because, of course, I would never return home to grab a bottle of water out of the refrigerator to drink while I walked the dog around the block and cooled down. But then maybe there would be a story in the newspaper about a Jane Doe being found along with a description of my black Nike running shorts with pink stripes, pink tank top and Saucony sneakers and my husband would recognize these clothes and realize that Jane Doe was actually me and that, of course, I would never run away because I love him and the boys too much and how could he even think that for a second and he should be ashamed of himself. But then he would have a heart attack because he was so upset and the kids would have one parent in the hospital and the other in the morgue and my husband would have to wait until he was out of the hospital to hold my funeral service in the church with all of the hymns that I wanted and... the stupid stuff I think about when I run sometimes. I’m exhausted just writing about it. Ugh! Next time, happy thoughts.

Does your imagination ever run wild? 


  1. Buffy, I know! My husband knows the routes I take and I usually tell him where I'm running, but the sad part is that he works away from home a lot of the time. When I'm living alone and I step out to run, I get paranoid about something happening and no one realizing I've been snatched or something. I try and stick to roads with more activity or just go to the gym. Maybe I should run and think of happy thoughts, as you suggest :)

    Happy Friday!

  2. Ha! Does my imagination run wild? Do I write fiction?

    I imagine I'm running through the woods on the cross country track and when I fail to return home no one notices because I live alone. There's a house in the woods and I imagine serial killers live there who wait for unsuspecting runners and do horrible things to them beofre killing them in gruesome ways.

    keeling over from a heart attack sounds better. lol.

  3. Yeah, my imagination runs away from me in the middle of the night when my husband is away on business and I *think* I heard a noise *may* have woken me up ... but I can't hear one now ...

    At times like that, I am SO SORRY I ever read Red Dragon by Thomas Harris.

  4. My imagination runs overtime or is it the game of, "what if".

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