Monday, July 5, 2010

A minute list

 One thing I want to learn: sign language


One thing I want to do: vacation in Hawaii  


One thing I do that I never thought I would
  (I have very little patience): golf



        Now, your turn. 
    1. What is one thing you would like to learn?
    2. What is one thing you’d like to do?
    3. What is one thing you did that you never thought you’d do?


  1. 1. speak Spanish fluently (yo hablo un poco)
    2. go to the Greek Islands
    3. get on a plane - but I did and went to San Francisco and had an awesome time. I've flown a number of times since :)

  2. 1. How to fix things around the house.
    2. Relax more.
    3. Go to India by myself.

  3. 1. I'd like to learn how to speak Spanish...(I'm not copying mshatch...we're going to Mexico in the spring.)
    2. I'd like to go to England more often to visit my Dad and my Grandparents.
    3. I never thought I would fly in a helicopter by myself. (I loved it!)

  4. 1. I'd like to learn web design and how to knit gorgeous sweaters.
    2. I'd like to vacation somewhere with white beaches and clear water like Hawaii or the Virgin Islands.
    3. Never thought I'd become a NASCAR fan but I am - BIG time!

    Thanks Buffy - fun!