Tuesday, April 26, 2011

QR codes: Those funky boxes

So, what's that funny looking box  above and at the right of this page below my bio box? It's called a QR Code and it's simply a two-dimensional bar code that contains my contact information (Name, email, address, website, phone number, etc.)

Generating a QR Code is super easy. There are several websites out there. Just search online for "QR Code generator." I used this one. 

Here's how to use a QR code. First, in order to read a QR Code, you must download a Barcode Scanner on your smartphone. Just search for "Barcode Scanner" in the Marketplace and you'll find it.

After the app is installed, launch it. You will see a red line across the screen. Zoom in on the QR Code. When the code is read, you'll hear a beep and the information contained in the QR Code will appear on your screen.

Here's a QR Code I generated. I'm not going to tell what information it contains. You'll have to read it to find out.

There are endless ways writers can use QR Codes. Are you using these? If so, how?

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