Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Lunchtime observations

I was eating a slice of pizza in the mall when I noticed:

1. A tall man dressed in black pants, white shirt and red tie sitting in the corner. He did not eat his pizza crusts.
2. An Indian woman pushing a blue stroller with a barefooted baby gnawing a colorful plastic toy.
3. Two mall walkers wearing sneakers and holding hands. The man was talking on his cell phone. Loudly.
4. The dude at the Cell Fun kiosk eating an apple while reading his laptop. After finishing the apple, he got paper towels and Windex and wiped the glass counter tops.

Why is it that no matter where I go or what I'm doing I notice everything. Hubs never sees what I see. It's maddening. If I said:

 "That man in the corner doesn't like pizza crust."

 He'd say, "You're actually spying on the guy's plate?"

"No, I'm not spying; I just can't help noticing things and he has two crusts sitting on his plate."

Are you like this?

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