Monday, May 14, 2012

Writers, watch redundancies

    Writers, watch redundancies. I often find redundancies in stories I edit. And, I find them in mine.
 Find the redundancies:    
  1.   a number of examples
  2.     all-time record
  3.     broad daylight
  4.     best ever
  5.     eat up
  6.     ever since
  7.     completely untrue
  8.     commented to the effect that
  9.     merge together
  10.     not at all
  11.     join up
  12.     over and done with
  13.     old adage
  14.     meet together
  15.     vitally necessary
  16.     strangled to death
  17.     polish up
  18.     pare down
  19.     whether or not
  20.     true facts
        How did you do?


  1. I am very guilty of this, Buffy. My pet peeve is "back in 1979.."

    It's just "in 1979" right?

  2. At least you are aware of it, John. Being aware of it is half the battle. Always review your work with an eye toward this. The more you look for it in your writing the more aware of it you become and the less often you will do it when writing your first draft. Thanks for commenting.

  3. I don't think I use any of these, but I do have a "that" problem that I am very aware of.

  4. I did fairly well, but I have my own repetitious phrases:
    a few minutes later, after awhile, when they arrived. I use ctrl F to eliminate these and others.

  5. Thanks everyone for commenting. So glad you stopped by and i hope you visit again soon:)