Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Semen dialogue made me laugh

I just wrote this dialogue in my WIP, and it made me laugh. Nothing like two girlfriends keeping it realz.


I called Sue to thank her for the flowers.
“So I think I settled on the semen."
Sue laughed. “Do you know how funny that sounds?”
“OK then, the donor. He’s tall and thin, strawberry blonde hair, like me, and smart. No. 424.”
"He's got a number?"
"Yeah. No name. Just a number."
 “And the sperm's been tested and all that?” Sue asked.
“Yes. I mean he’s been tested for all kinds of crap. But I’m sure the sperm's good or they wouldn’t use it. Those little suckers have to be good swimmers.”
“But not as good as if you were having regular sex, right?” Sue asked.

“True. They don't have as far to swim. The doctor will give them a good lead. But still, I don’t think they use sub-par sperm. They want performers who have proven results.”     
 “Omigod, I just thought of something. They won’t get it mixed up, will they? Like give you a short, fat, bald man’s?”
I laughed. “No.”  
“Leave it up to you to worry about my sperm.”
“Hey, I’m just looking out for you. Besides, you deserve good sperm. You've waited a long time."  
I smiled. 
“So when’s the big sperm day anyway?” 


  1. Oh, that's funny! Nothing like reducing a man to his vital element!

  2. LOL!

    This is quite different than your stuff in the past. NICE!

  3. Thanks Dianne for visiting.

    And Sharon, I know, right? Believe it or not, this is a dark novel, but parts like this at least lighten it up a bit. Having fun.

    I hope you both are doing well. Have been a bit scarce lately. Just super busy. But I think of you all often.