Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Check out this dialogue from my newest novel

From these snippets of conversation from my newest novel, do you get a sense of Cookie? 

“You can say that," Cookie said. "They’re teenagers and the shit they wear to school drives me freakin’ mad. The guys gotta have constant hard-ons.  Zara was sent home from school the other day because her ass was sticking out of her skirt. Of course, I told her that would happen but did she listen to me? Noooo. Mom’s never right. ”
We laughed. 
“Just be glad you don’t have a girl,” Cookie said.
“Sounds like they take after their mother.” 
“What’s that supposed to mean? I never dressed like a whore working the Boulevard.”
“Whatever happened to Bill?” I asked. “Didn’t you date him the end of our senior year?”
Cookie chuckled. “We didn’t even last a month after college started. He wanted to be able to date other girls. He kissed like a damn frog anyhow. Too much lick. Always felt like a damn fly. The last I heard he was working as an engineer for an oil company in Texas.”

Cookie popped a mint in her mouth. “That’s cool you’re friends. That has to be great for Jack. I don’t know of any divorced couples who ended up on good terms. Most of the ones I know would kill each other if they had the chance, including me. The only thing good about the loser I was married to was that he stopped being able to get it up because of his health. Suited me just fine because he was a lousy lay anyway. Mr. Vibrator did a better job than he ever did."

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  1. Oh yes, the dialogue gives me an idea of where Cookie's coming from. Body language also is a good clue.