Thursday, August 2, 2012

Write or Die app: Too weird even for a lazy ass like I can be

So sometimes I'm a lazy ass. There. I said it. Lazy, lazy, lazy ass.

I should write, but I'm lazy.

I should exercise, but I'm lazy.

I should make dinner so the kids eat something other than cereal, but I'm lazy.

Well, now there's help for the lazy writer ass in me. It's call the Write or Die app and it is designed to, well, make a lazy ass like me write -- or else!

Apparently this app is for writing first drafts. The idea is to get your words on paper, not edit as you go. If you stop writing, there are consequences. (Think horrible sound and vanishing words!) 

Sorry! Not gonna happen. I can't ignore my internal editor so I really don't think this app would work for me.

Have you tried this app? What are your thoughts?  Does it work?

And, most important of all, is it worth $9.99? 

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