Sunday, August 26, 2012

Writers collect story material from real life

Sometimes, you hear something or see something and you just know that it will end up in one of your novels. Usually, I jot the tidbit down and stash the slip of paper inside a blue hanging folder labeled “story material.”

 A peek inside this file will reveal funny names I’ve come across for possible use in middle-grade stories (ie. Mr. Wormald, Mr. Weiner). Phrases that I’ve heard that might work in a young adult or adult novel (ie.whore heels) and so much more.

Here’s just some of what’s in the folder:

--Urine the color of orange juice (Heard this over the scanner in the newsroom)

--Idea: Psychic doing show at theater. Person who just died comes to her. Medium finds woman in audience that dead person wants to connect with. Person in audience doesn’t realize loved one has died. (Heard similar story from Long Island Medium Theresa Caputo while attending her show.)

--Always has a blow pop in her mouth (observation at work)

--Kids on bus see body (scanner)

--Mr. Horney  

Do you collect tidbits for possible story material? Where do you stash them?

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