Sunday, October 14, 2012

Bermuda: Colorful cottages

Bermuda is chock-full of colorful houses. The square pastel cottages with their white stepped roofs add a certain charm to the island. Besides rain, there is no fresh water supply so the limestone roofs are designed to catch rain water. The limestone purifies the rain as it drains into underground cisterns. Bermudians use this water to drink, cook and bathe.

Here are some photos of the beautiful quaint cottages that dot the hilly island.

The roads are very narrow in Bermuda.

Loved the pink houses!

I loved this street sign and couldn't resist taking a photo. 

I loved this massive tree in this front yard. Plenty of shade!

This is a photo of Hamilton taken from the ferry.

Here is a little cove where residents docked their boats. 

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